Posted: 20/12/2012 in Uncategorized

Todays the last day of term. Project is going fine, got a strong idea that I’m sticking too, and we’ve got an extra bonus week to get it nailed. Some folk been stressing about goji. I’ve not- I know the brief is vague but, ya gotta take that as a challenge. In the real world, people who write design briefs prolly think helvetica is a swiss delicacy. I’m gutted that I won’t be able to do any digital from home cuz of not having the right programs. God damn adobe- they make a rapid program then make it so expensive folk like me can’t even afford it! Being poor sucks, but at least I can look rough and ragged without paying for it like a f*cking hipster.

So goji is half done, gonna have to just do loads of hand drawn stuff during christmas. Unless I get a trial of PS + I’d and crack them like an Easter egg. I’ve got quite a lot of work ahead of me, but nothing I can’t take. No time for kindergarden cop, you gotta be terminator when ya get cracking with our work. I like to imagine I’m tony montanna at the end of scarface, and the briefs, designs and challenges are Soso’s drug runner army. Cept I won’t be floating face down in a fountain. Dats for sure. I’ve been approaching everything the college throws at me like Mr white dancing with a wicked smile, razor blade and two step dance. But I’ve gotta change pace and ethic to michael corleone , the bit at the end where he’s like- this one time you can ask me about my affairs’.

Christmas for me traditionally meant getting drunk and watching gremlins, but this year I plan on utikising my time better, gather all the materials, research and ideas together in a tight bundle, so that when am sitting down by mac I’ve got everything in order, the hard works done, its just a question of bringing it all together.

Oh and the world end tomorrow. Bout damn time if you ask me! (Folks usually don’t)

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