Posted: 26/12/2012 in Uncategorized

Christmas came and went in a blur of beer, whisky and wine. Everyday I’ve been trying to destroy my body to wash away the gloom of christm£s. Nah I actually like crimbo- seeing auld faces and la famillia, but its still a weird time to be a young adult- coming to terms that rebellious teenager you once were is dead, thts the circle of life tho eh! Wonder how long it’l be till I see a group of teenage punks drinking in an alley and I’ll think- hey tht used to be me!

Well I’ve not done anything creative this season so far except making a few collages (love it). Right now I’m walking down to stellas- I’ve got my bag filled with a thousand random bits of paper that I will turn into a collage. Time I tell ye the process behind making a bing tidy collage.

1- pick up everything! Your up town pop into a hostel and take everything they have that’s free. Catalogues, event flyers, brochures, maps, newspapers, anything. Keep them eyes peeled for anything graphic, anything that makes you laugh, squirm , question, talk about. Be a collector not a horder. Collect images from everywhere- even newspapers are good for this. Next time yer at a gig grab a fistful of flyers.

2- lay all your stuff on the floor at home, look for patterns in what you’ve found- you might see humour, you might see a tragedy. Whatever it is take all the stuff you’ve collected and skim the best.

3- nowyouve got the raw elements for a yummy image stew! Arrange them on your paper in a way tht makes sense to you personally. I like ti try and fill the page completely. Leave no white spots.

4- cut it out and stick it down. Pritt sticks the best for this. Just have fun, make your own process for this step. I like to let the cuttings decide, don’t like to steer it too much- just let the piece decide itself. You can’t structure anarchy- and thts the theme of most my works, and my life really.

5- have fun with it. No one will ever buy this art so make it for yourself.

Now its time for me to make a new one. Canny wait!!!

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