Archive for March, 2013

Brand new brief- talk about quick fire! We gotta get more people visiting the Edinburgh Zoo. Insanely simple brief, we’ve got a week to finish it. And were in groups. We’ve been working on some nice concepts. More on that later.

I’ve also been working on the sigg X tony hawk project. For 3 reasons – I’ve loved skateboarding since …. Maybe aged 10 years old. 2- its good experience working with skate graphics as its my dream to one day work in the skate industry, coudnt care if am running a brand, designing boards or even selling boards, its something I really want to get into. 3- the prize is fantastic.

My dream this week is to found a skate company. Not sure what the name is gonna be, but were gonna be the 1st skate company in scotland. There’s a dude I’m friends with who’s 1 a good illustrator, 2 better skater than me. This guys who I wanna bring In on this venture. Maybe once I get on my feet we can make some cool gear together. Ben ya lucky bastard ye better get your illustrator skills wired !