bacardi brief

Posted: 30/04/2013 in Uncategorized

This never published for some dodgy bad connection reason. So I’m posting it now. Nuff said

Only one week left for our latest brief. We had to somehow make bacardi a more male friendly brand. Target audience was young male aged 20-25. I’m part of that demographic funnily enough so I thought- Yo, this is gonna be easy. I was wrong.

Not that its been blinding solid, its been the good type of tough. I’ve lost count of the extra hours I’ve put in behind college macs. Its been a very very interesting and educational brief. I learned about efficient scrap booking, importance of planning and research, built on my shaky illustrator skills and learned quite a bit of history.

So let’s go back a bit. The dare brief. Not my strongest project I’ll easily admit. See in college when they grade you there is a scale going – fail , bad, fair, good , great. Every project I’ve done at this college has bracketed on the good \ great bracket. For dare my rating was average. Its a pass but it means your nothing special. It means your not as good as the majority of the class. It got me down, gave me those old cut and run feeling in the pit of my belly.

But that would be weak. I’ve been round some weak people in my short life- men who abandoned there families, junkies who take escapism to new heights , teachers who can’t motivate there pupils. They all gave up on something, and I’d be buggered if that was gonna happen to me! Folk musta knew my face was tripping because I received a very encouraging text from one of my brothers in class

As usual I’ve picked a lot of deliverables. But I’m feeling ballsy so let’s get it done!


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