Blink (graded unit)

Posted: 30/04/2013 in Uncategorized

Another month another brief. That’s me on the Graded unit. Its the most important briefing of the school year, decided who stays and who signs on. You have to apply all your skills for this badboy if ye ever wanna make a dent.

We got to pick our briefs. There was a good chunk of choices- from branding to packaging design. Me doing what I do best- chose a tough as nails brief where the odds are stacked against es. No problem tho, love a challenge.

Title sequences. Make a title sequence for the student film of your choice. I choose” Blink of an eye” by paul Hughes. A film that contains savage beatings, gunplay and general grittyness. I was attracted to this brief since day 0 when the students pitched ideas to my class. Since then I’ve been working closely with Paul, we had a meeting to get some ideas out in the open and see what Paul thinks. He was happy just to have me on board, communication is the life blood of efficient creative calibration. I’ve been texting him updates and questions, and emailing him slices of work. He’s been happy so far. Legend!

I’m going on holiday at the end of this week, so I’ve been working daft. Daft as a brush mate. I’ve done all the trimmings but not the actual title sequence. The peas are boiled, the carrots sliced, but the roast is still in the freezer. Actually the roast is still in a field, I need to go kill it, cook it before anyone eats it.

Last night I went to meet the band supplying the music. The remnants. Friends of mine. Am gonna go pick up there cd tonight after work so I can editing it soon as.

Pauls going to have footage for me to use by friday, but I fear this may be too late. I’ll need to text him after this.

Thts my 2 stresses right now. Audio and video. The information and text is long completed. Thank F!


1 x fully animated title sequence
3 x promotional posters
1 x application (digital promotion)
1 x logo
1 x dvd case and disk designs
3 x dvd menu screens
2 x merchandise designs (tshirts)
2 X guerilla/ viral pieces.
1 X flyer

Also they want some documents
An action plan and time chart
A production diary
An evaluation

Get in! All I need to do is make the ACTUAL titles. Our tutor chris said its better to get all the wee bits done before ye tackle the boss giant. I’ve done just that. Dunno how accurate he was tho, its good to just get it belted out.

Next time I write this hopefully I’ll be chilled, passed the unit, on a plane to NYC with my good looking gal, oranges injected with whiskey and working on a new project Of my own choice.

Next up am making stuff for tht band- the remnants. This isn’t a college project, its just me flexing and them getting free stuff. Get your designs out there in the real world!

Go hard or go home


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