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Posted: 07/05/2013 in Uncategorized

As a HBO style of design practice, my style with dealing with problems is less Don Draper and more Tony Soprano. Its becoming clear to me that the most efficient way of approaching a brief is to power through , deal with the small, easy bits first and keep your mind open to new ideas.

Basically- grab the brief by the neck, rough it up a bit. Tween it until its manageable then whack it. Full pelt work process. You want to get something done? Stop procrastinating and get it done.

I’ve used this technique when doing this brief. And so far its been working. I have an idea, I focus it , execute it, polish it. Job done. Too many creatives have this bad habit that I struggled with for years. To belive that this piece of work is the best off, end off, final jinal project. You get busy chasing and dreaming about your perfect outcome, so much you don’t dare ever make the bloody thing becuase fear of failure paralysed you. You gotta break that curse. The project will necer leave your dreams.

It may be your baby, but you need to get it done, do the microedting later! Give yourself something to work with- a blank sketchbook your not scared of messing up, and use this as a ‘launchpad’ for all thoser ideas you never really get off the ground.

Its nothing personal to your dream project, its just business. If your a creative in the creative indstries and the term ‘business’ offends you, then you might as well pack up your watercolours and get a job in tesco. Its all about business. Fuck! Business is life ; and if you don’t have the skills to survive, your gonna die. One of the most important skills I belive is being able to say- fuck it, let’s get this done and stop just moving text about in adobe indesign.

My projects looking good. I’m gonna need to make a hitlist to see what needs done. Its almost finished, just need to polish it up to professional level. I’ve got 2 weeks till the deadline, but only 1 week really because tomorrow morning am flying over to NYC with my gal. Been saving up all year now its time to spend a week in total commercialism excess bliss nirvana in the birthplace of graffiti + hip hop. (Two major influences on me)

Well its time to go back m suitcase, hide my weed stash and inject 12 oranges full of vodka for my travel

Bon voyage yo!