No boundaries

Posted: 22/12/2013 in writing

So this morning i wake up feelin a bit sick from the nite before. The whole morning i had a twich in my arm. I woke up sitting up , then i peeled open a fresh orange a4 lined notepad.

I started to write something, just a couple pages of some random narrative. The skeleton of some story. The possibilities felt endless. I could create whatever i want. Free from the confines of my regular body of writing.

I felt like a free eyeball into another world, one just on the cusp of our world. I wasn’t stressing coming up stuff that applied to the regular continuum. I let the story drip onto my brain, it was allready formed, my job was just to pit it down on paper. This event played out in my minds eye, a spectator to this slight glimpses of this world.

It was an amazing feeling. My lady woke up smiled at me when she saw i was writing then drifted back to sleep. This interaction made me loose focus with the spirit. So i wrote bat snake rat for the rest of the morning.

I feel as itlf i have started a new and interesting writing project. I trip into my subconscious or something. Its too early to tell. I have a feeling il gonna fill that new notepad with some strange and interesting new material.

Try it yourself . Give yourself no boundaries, no foundations or research. Just create and see what comes out. Its an amazing feeling.


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