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Been working on the Goji brief today, bout time I updated my technology- been trying to cram everything into a 2GB pen drive. Not ideal when am working with psd and Id files. Specially not the with my non destructive approach. Today I made one of three textures, still got two to get through! Got a feeling its gonna be a hecktic run up ti crimbo. But that’s the breaks. No one got anything worthwhile without determination.
I used to be a labourer for christ sakes!!! Hard work should come easy. But where before my body was bruised and knackered , here at college its my brain that gets tired.

Some yoga and company with a couple of old friends should calm my nerves tonight, then its back to the saw mill. But I enjoy my work, I really do, Graphic designers are hard grafters like! You need the drive of Henry rollins , the cunning of Ronnie Cray and the brain of a fucking scientist if your going to survive.

I’ve also got an assignment essay for two weeks from now. I’ve chosen to write mine on underground press- from WW2, via punk zines , up to the rise of the internet. And what am I going to do to make mine stand out? Run it through indesign of course! A snazzy lay out coupled with some braw pictures oughta do it.

It gets hard, but I’ll never give in, never give up.
Except for tonight.