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Writers block is BS

Posted: 18/12/2013 in writing
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Im a writer god damnit!

Its been about 5 months ive been hand writing out my first novel – bat snake rat. Its a big meaty story about many things- technology, philosophy, economy, terrible humor. I really enjoy writing, or why else would i put myself through the strain.

In my time i have met many poser writers. Folk in love with being a writer more than they actually love writing. See the thing is absolutely anyone can write a novel. Authors are just normal people who give themselves permission to write. That is it. Its that simple.
But posers are the type that talk about writing, always about the amazing story they have came up with. But they will never get round to it. Why? Honestly i think its a confidence issue. I think many writers unfortunately are scared to write incase they don't write it amazingly on the first draft.

See there's this made up thing called writers block, an imaginary safety net pulled out by those who cant be bothered just to write. If only they knew of you just focus on getting on paper what you know, rather than sitting editing a blank page, well maybe they would get some work done.

If you have writers block then your writing the wrong story, man up and just write.

Writing should be enjoyable, a chance to create a world and exercise god like powers over it. An opportunity to get it off your chest.

So what do you do if you get writers block? You just keep writing until its gone. Skip forward a paragraph. Kill of a character suddenly . Write your self into a corner and come out swinging. Its the only way.

Ken, one bit in the masterpiecefilm the shining there’s this bit where the psychopaths wife says – i guess its just a case of getting into the habit of writing every day. And the psychopath laughs dissmissivly – yeah that’s all it is. At this point im screaming – YES IT FUCKIN IS! Maybe if he had listened to his wife he woudnt have went mental. And maybe if you listen to me you will actually get something written instead of just talking about it.

Just write. Anyone can do it . Even this daftie ! Its just self motivation and nothing more.

Go for it. Don’t hold back . And above all, don’t be a poser.